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A Three-Month Practical Print and Photo Journalism Internship from IBNS


IBNS is the wire service arm of the portal India Blooms ( The news agency is at the core of the portal and vice versa. IBNS is a full-fledged news agency catering to several important publications in the print and internet media in India and abroad, producing about 2000 stories a month.

While is a portal which aims to be a one-stop shop for everything about India, IBNS covers all kinds of news- from Breaking News, Entertainment and Sports to Opinion, Music, Travel, Business, Leisure, Education, Gender, Human Rights, Development, Environment, Economy et al.

From IBNS, we have also launched two new portals- Just Earth News (, and Not in Town (, focussing on development news and travel news respectively.

We also have an affiliate feature service called Trans World Features (TWFor which caters to the weekend and supplement pages of major Indian newspapers.


Journalism cannot be learnt in class rooms. One can get some vague idea of journalism by attending classrooms. We do not deny that vague idea is also essential besides the degrees that come with it. But when most of the students passing out of Journalism schools, institutes, universities apply for jobs they meet with rejection/ disillusionment. A lot of the time students get a wrong notion of the profession. It has been unnecessarily glamourised while the fact is that one needs strong writing skills, a knack for perfection, imagination and ability to work very hard for much less monetary rewards at the beginning. Keeping this in view we are offering a short internship in practical journalism. The purpose: Find out if you belong to this profession at all or not.

Interns with us will actually cover several stories/ photo events real time and in a steady stream for three months or more. They would be sent to the assignments in the city which we otherwise source through our staff reporters or photographers. They will go to the assignments, take notes, make contacts, write the stories the same day and file them for us. Every story will go with the writer's byline so that the names are indexed in Google for all future reference to those stories.

During this period the interns will be given a business card and a temporary PRESS identity card.

Most of these assignments will be on Entertainment, Business, Sports, Lifestyle and sometimes Politics.

For those interested in photography can also carry their cameras. The images would be used with the stories.

Occasionally there would be Editing / Brainstorming classes for the interns.

During the internship, also how to source news from TV/Facebook/Twitter/Websites, etc. would be taught for all practical purposes. The focus will be on the Tools to Practice Journalism in the real world. You would also be taught to interview your sources or speak to them like a professional journalist.

Interns will also be introduced to online journalism as they would be taught to upload their stories and images on the portal.


At the end of the stint, interns will be given a Certificate for successful completion of the internship. However, this certificate is not any educational degree.


USA Today correspondent Laura Ungar, who is also a journalism instructor with University of Kentucky and teaches in several other varsities in USA, visits every year in September for journalism talks in India, especially Kolkata. Interns can also learn from workshops/talks/small group interactions with her. She has teamed up with Kolkata Reuters Correspondent and IBNS Editor Sujoy Dhar to teach journalism beyond the contours of classroom.


Adit Majumder ( / Ph: 9836730653)


IBNS Editor-in-Chief Sujoy Dhar, who is a journalist with Reuters and teaches International Journalism in various US universities, can be reached at for any query. Mr. Dhar would be the Chief Mentor of the interns.


An opportunity to cover real events like seasoned journalists for three months.

An opportunity to rub shoulder with the real world of news gathering.

An opportunity to test your own ability.

An opportunity to have several by-lined stories with a strong presence in the Internet (Google search) to apply for future jobs in mainstream media.

A certificate from us.

Success Stories:

  • Arnab Nandy, The Telegraph After a stint with The Times of India, IBNS was a welcome change because this is where I got to cover everything from Bollywood to Business and handle news that only very senior people would do at most big media houses. At IBNS, seniority doesn't matter. You get to do the biggest story of the day if you are capable enough. My IBNS experience of working with news publication in real time helps me till this day.

  • Divyanshu Dutta Roy, Journalist, NDTV Group The best decision I took during my college years was to almost never attend college. Instead, I went to cover assignments and edit copies for IBNS. It gave me a rare real-world understanding of news that has always brought me opportunities ahead of their time. The terrific standard of news production that I trained to there has been greatly appreciated by my subsequent employers.

  • Papri Chanda, Journalist, Dainik Jagran, New Delhi It was that time when I was new to this professional world, just out from my university and wanting to be a journalist. I did not have any clue about what hard core journalism was all about. IBNS showed me the way. It acted like a torch light. My first writing assignment and my first professional experience happened because of IBNS. It gave me the platform from where I started my career.

Internship FEE:

On enquiry.

CONTACT | Sujoy Dhar (Editor, IBNS and Group Sites), (0) 9830096463